Why La Force Féminine?

La force féminine is French for ‘the feminine strength‘.

Why did I choose this as the title of my travel blog??

I went to a women’s leadership conference in Melbourne in 2016 run by the League of Extraordinary Women. The day was a wake up call to me, to get out of lazy university student mode, get motivated, and re-ignite my passions. I also received a beautiful notebook in my goodie bag from inspirationery.co with ‘La Force Féminine’ on the cover.

This blog isn’t just for women, although I put a large emphasis on female empowerment and independence. When women feel empowered, independent, confident, inspired, they can do anything. Travelling throws you out of your comfort zone, whether you travel solo or in a group, and culture shock can change a person perspectives on life. There is a whole world out there, and you should explore it!

Getting to know Kate…

From Melbourne, Australia, I’m a lover of the world. I study International Business and therefore need to prioritise experience over academics, right…? 😉


I like travelling with a purpose, which means I like to pretend I live in the country and explore back alleys, local hot spots, not just to see the major tourist destinations. I organise my life with 10 notebooks, all with different purposes and carry all 10 with me every where I go. I went to Japan convinced I wouldn’t like the food and I’d starve to death. I left craving the 7/11 triangle sushi and dreaming about sashimi. My bucket list includes visiting every Disneyland (3/6), auditioning as a character performer for Universal Studios (tick), and jumping out of a plane (tick). I often have so many expectations of myself, it’s hard to keep up! But as my inspiration in life Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it”.

Where have I been?

So far, I’ve travelled to Thailand, Italy, New Zealand, Japan, China & Singapore.  I’m a huge advocate for exploring your own backyard and am currently planning to visit every nook of Australia! I mean, domestic flights mean less plane time and more photo-taking.